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james dewees with gerard at rehearsal for reading and leeds

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Shut it out, I’m on self destruct.

Shut it out, I’m on self destruct.


the twins are turning 4 soon, miles is 2

and frank is going on tour

a round of applause for jamia iero everybody


Oh yeah, very much. There’s got to be a bad guy somewhere. I don’t want to say too much about that, but certainly the thing that we’re doing, which is the seventh issue of the series, it’s called “Ultra Comics”, and it’s kind of a new character but it’s based on Earth Prime, which is our Earth, which we re-named Earth 33 now just so it fits in the numerical structure. So Earth Prime is here and I thought, in the past there had been stories like the evil Superboy who lives here. Geoff Johns wrote this guy who sits in his basement writing at the comic news sites [Editor’s note: Superboy-Prime is the best comic book character ever]. Prior to that we’ve had stories where the Flash would meet up with Julie Schwartz, the Flash editor, or Cary Bates, the writer.

So I’m thinking, well, we know there are no superheroes in this world; there just are none. What does a superhero look like in this world? Well, it’s made of paper, or it’s something that appears in celluloid. So I set up the task of making the world’s first superhero and the comic being that. I’m interested in the idea of religions of “the book”, that we have in this world. The way they thrive is an actual book, which is the god. It’s not just the word of god, the book itself is God. So people take instruction from it and it becomes a programming language that’s easy to go back and refer to like a manual. So I kind of wanted to do what with a superhero comic.

And you’ll see how it works. I’ve used a lot of hypnotic induction. There’s an old trick that Stan Lee used to do — it was quite popular at Marvel — of the comic talking to you. I took that and this thing, and I think we’ve actually created the world’s first actual superhuman being, which you’ll see how it works when you read this comic. Then the world’s first super human being on this earth has to fight the most malignant entity. So the bad guys in Multiversity who are attacking the entire multiversal structure are also attacking the real world, and this comic is their only way through right now. So it becomes the reader versus the bad guy on the page. I think it’s actually quite scary, this thing. It scared me!

Stuff like this is why I love Grant Morrison.